SYLVAC 新一代精密测量卡尺

New UL4 series calipers 
新一代卡尺- UL4 系列登場 
We are proud to introduce our completely new redesigned Ultra-Light calipers UL4. 
Based on the successful concept of the current big calipers UL3, our new UL4 series offers many innovations and improvements : 
承傳現今大卡尺UL3的成功概念,新一代UL4 系列擁有許多的創新與進步。 
- New reinforcedaluminum beamimproving rigidity and accuracy 
- Extended external jaws length 200 mm 
加長的外徑爪長達200 mm 
- New system for internal measurement 
- New electronic IP67 protected including built-in Bluetooth transceiver and XXL display 
This new generation of large calipers will gradually replace our UL3 and will be available in the following sizes : 
400 - 600 - 1000 – 1500 : availability week 43/2014 
400 - 600 - 1000 – 1500 mm :將於2014年10月25日那週推出