EPE 高压原装滤芯 过滤系列

Duplex Filters

Operating pressure 40-400 bar.
Operating temperature -10°C to +100°C.
Connection upto SAE 1 1/2 inch.


Filtration of hydraulic fluids and lubricants. Filtration of liquids. Direct installation in pipelines to provide wear protection of subsequent components and systems.


Filter Head with inlet & outlet ports and spigots to locate filter elements.. Screwed Filter Bowl. Various materials.

Filter Element

Pleated design with optimal pleat density and various filter material. The filter element is the most important part of any system with respect to reliability and corrosion protection for the installation. The deciding factors for selection are the degree of purity of the operating medium, the initial differential pressure and the dirt retaining capacity.


Maintenance Indicator

These monitor the degree of clogging of the filter elements and are available as visual or visual/electrical displays with one or two shift points.

Bypass Valve

For the protection of the filter elements during cold start and when the differential pressure is exceeded due to clogging and high viscosities.

Vent Valve

For venting air from the filter during start up and for safe depressurisation.

Performance Characteristics

Δp-Q-characteristic lines for complete filters recommended start-Δp for layout = 0.8 bar recommended velocity for layout = 3.5 m/s Oil Viscosity: 30 mm2/s Specific gravity < 0.9 kg/dm3